Although the Internet and property search websites have greatly simplified the process of finding a house, setting up home or investing in a new and unfamiliar area is a potential minefield. At Escape to the Hinterland we build a relationship with our clients to understand their needs, likes and dislikes and then provide insight and advice to enable an informed decision process.

Why would I employ the services of Escape to the Hinterland?

You may be at the beginning of the journey and are only considering putting your house on the market; you may be ready to move, or perhaps looking for an investment. Equally, you may be a relatively new buyer in the property market or an experienced buyer who may not be familiar with this area and all the differences in lifestyle, local government and purchasing processes which are specific to this area. From the early stages of making that location decision, to the final purchase, we can support you. By working together, you will avoid so many time wasting searches and visits and the costs and stress that go with that, particularly challenging for clients with full time jobs and/or small children.

Bespoke service
As well as the usual buyers agent benefits of saving you time and money, we have personal experience of moving into the area buying and building properties and focusing on your lifestyle needs, not just the property. With combined business and psychology backgrounds, we ensure we understand your short and long time needs. To this end we offer something quite unique, a “Stay and Find Package”. Escape to the Hinterland combines with our other business Highland Retreat @ Clunes to offer luxury accommodation whilst enjoying the process of viewing your ‘property to be’. You can view the properties we have arranged for you, then come back and enjoy further discussions with us over drinks and a meal. In this way your time is valued as you can ask more questions that otherwise would arise after you had returned home.

Our Service to You

Escape to the Hinterland offers a tailored service that will guide you through from sourcing your ideal property, to your final purchase. We acknowledge that your purchase will reflect your unique lifestyle and so we take great pride in ensuring your purchase reflects more than bricks and mortar.

“You know where you want to be but don’t know the specifics”.

After receiving your initial enquiry, we will forward an information package which will help you focus on your requirements.

On completion and return of the enclosed forms, we will search for appropriate properties and prepare a short list that best match your requirements. Of course, we may liaise with you via phone, email or skype during this process to ensure we are meeting your needs.

Following the agreed shortlist, we invite you to spend two nights at our beautiful Highland Retreat in Clunes during which time we will arrange for you to visit the properties selected. At the conclusion of each day, we can then relax and review the properties (the good and possibly challenging aspects), over a meal/drink or just sitting on the deck soaking up the beautiful hinterland sunset. This will also provide the opportunity to regroup and discuss other related issues such as schools, local facilities etc. 

Once you have selected the property that works best for you, we can then commence negotiations with the agent or owner on your behalf. If at this stage you require additional services such as contacts for local tradespeople, building and pest inspections, financial consultants, surveyors, conveyancing services etc, we can organise that to!

In essence, we offer a service that shares our local knowledge in order for you to purchase your ideal property with minimum fuss. We are your eyes and ears on the ground, ensuring a stress free purchase that will enhance your portfolio and/or help create a beautiful new lifestyle here in the Northern Rivers.